Managed by Uluru’s long-standing, indigenous-owned, charitable corporation, Maruku (Anangu Uwankaraku Punu Aboriginal Corporation), the Uluru Festival was established by a number of Anangu – local, Aboriginal residents at Uluru – who wanted to be able to share and celebrate their culture each year with a national and international audience.

“We need a Festival here at Uluru to show the continuing strength of desert culture – our culture, Anangu culture!” 

Sammy Wilson – First Nations elder, former chair of the Central Land Council and Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park Board of Management – first proposed the creation of an Uluru Festival at the October 2019 celebrations of the Handback of Uluru to Aboriginal people.

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Some Facts about Life at Uluru
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Uluru Festival launch

Media Release: 23 April 2022 Traditional Owners of Uluru are, today, launching the Uluru Festival, a new cultural festival likely to become a major event on the international calendar. “Kuwarila pukularinyi …

Uluru Festival launch

21 April 2022: Today, we announce the launch of what is likely to become one of the major events in Australia’s national calendar: the Uluru Festival.

COVID health videos launch

As part of the Foundation’s core work, its media arm Anangu Media this week launched the first three in a series of health videos tailored for local, Aboriginal audiences